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It’s becoming more and more absurd
The warden’s steps, the last thing that I heard
Locked between these walls as the only detainee
No one’s here to listen, no one’s here to set me free

The sparkling past, it slowly fades away
The last idea, a needle in the hay
My hair is growing longer while my thoughts are growing slim
The mirror shows an idiot and I do spit on him

Hey, can you feel me
Hey, can you heal me
Decades-old nightmares’ seeping slowly  through the prison  walls
I said
Hey, can you feel  me

My laughter turns to whimper in a wink
My brain, my mouth, my ears, they can not sync
A picture of the love of my life, can’t think of her name
A lunatic, a wise man, I can’t tell who is to blame

I awake in some one else's dream
A newborn baby undertakes the scene
The door is open now,  somebody takes my by the hand
A light does show the way, I will find out if heaven send.

Hey, can you feel me

Hey, can you feel me
Hey, can you heal me
The warden’s gone, the sun is lightning all the prison walls
I said