Immaculate Fakes
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While the big city sleeps a creature is born
It’s veins begin pulsing just before dawn
A hot breath starts howling, the terror is back
The dark troop’s preparing another attack

In the new day’s sunshine no one awakes
Robots fill the streets, immaculate fakes
the traffic lights fulfilling their useless task
No answers are given,  cause nobody asks

This is the final notice, this is the final call            
The Ministry of Honesty feeds fake news to you all
If anyone doubts, believe what you hear

You have to pay attention, you have to pay your share
Forget about your wishes, there’s rumour in the air
If anyone doubts, he’ll soon disappear

Is everybody lined up? is anyone in queue
The freaks and all the maniacs, the lunatics and you
If anyone doubts a judge will appear

Leave everything behind you, your naked body counts
No gold and no reminders there’s one thing we announce
If anyone’s running, the hangman is here

As the night falls again, just the dead left behind
The robots take over whatever they find
The billboards promoting ingustable trash
No one is watching and no one pays cash