Last Call
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Last call for all
Who wanna join us and leave the scene
Last chance to glance
Through your faded ambitious dreams
Last blast from the past
And all the options you didn’t choose
Last words, that hurts!
Because your first words were abused

Have you dressed yourself for dinner
There’s a new year lying ahead
And we’re invited by the captain, though he’s mad

He says this boat is full now
And the outcasts have to float
So we are happy we’re the owners of this boat

Last call for all….

Have you heard that freedom's halted
’Cause security has won
Now we are building walls around us, damage done

And when we trap ourselves in iron
And when there’s no more space to move
Our violators party and raise the roof

Last call for all…

And there’re thousands of rubber rafts off to the sea
And thousands of sailors will die
And the cute little children lie dead on our beach
they destroy our holidays

Last call for all…