Praise The Lord
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As I woke up in the morning I remembered a dream
I met an old guy with a beard and he complained
raised an admonitory finger, 
asked me “where have you been?”
You did not pray, you did not idolize my  saints

I worked for hundred  million years
now I deserve some devotion
All you want from me is glitter and is gold
I made for you the trees, the grass,
the seas and the oceans
It’s time for you to sing as you’re told
And so I did:     

Praise the holy Lord, praise the holy Lord,
Praise him for the orange face
who blows the world to bits
Praise the holy Lord

Hail to Allah, hail to Papa
All the virgins’s teasing me,
cause I’ve beheaded all the free
Hail to Allah

Thank Jehova, thank Jehova
Didn’t save your folks from Shoah
in the concentration camps
Thank Jehova

Where have you been, where are you now?
All the million starving children
didn’t get a chance to sin
Where are you now?

Now I’m awake and I’m aware it’s not the old man who’s to blame
It’s only me and you who’s liable for it all
We are gifted with a free will
strong enough to play the game
Get off your knees, be straight
and don’t expect the call

So hail to us all, hail to us all
It is time to turn around,
it is time to change the key
Hail to us all

Halleluja, halleluja
Let us all join hands and march
against the evil all around
Praise the holy Lord, praise the holy Lord,
He has given us a free will,
he has given us the choice
Praise the holy Lord