She's Coming Home
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She's coming home quietly
Turns the key in the lock
Behind some windows neighbours mock
Can you hear it?

She's coming home quietly
Hangs up her coat behind the door
And cries two tears or maybe more
Can you hear her?

She's coming home quietly
An old monk sits in her chair
Through her veins a blast of scare
Can you hear her? Can you see?

The monk says:
I tell you, my dear
I was waiting just here
All the years, your success did increase
I know you tried to forget me
Love, never will let thee
I'm your creator and not an old beast

(20 years ago)
She lies in bed lonely
On her pillow she has cried
Mama's not at home tonight
Can you hear her?

She lies in bed lonely
Outside her room a certain noise
And through the door a wellknown voice
How she fears it

She lies in bed lonely
The monk comes in, sneaks to her bed
Ooh, how she wishes to be dead
No one helps her, no one cares

The monk says:
Ooh, my little nice girl
With your fancy blonde curls
Don't you worry, daddy's drying your tears
We will just play our games
You don't need to be ashamed
It's only nature, my little dear

Don't you blame me , I'm sacred
Must not be so full of hatred
For the man who is the owner of your dreams
I gave my best for your health
Gave my money for your wealth
For you, I don't see any reason to be mean

Oh, mama, why don't you help me?
Give your little baby shelter from this nightmare
Put an end to it, no, don't you close your eyes
Do not look away, oh mama, please take care
Oh mama, why don't you help me?
Take me by your hand, no, please don't turn away
Oh mama, mama please, let me come home

I'm your judge, I have enough
Of your accusations, love
From now on it's you who is on trial for the crime
It's a fact, little beauty
We have to execute our duty
I tell you:  I sentence you to death!

She's coming home quietly
Turns the key in the lock
Behind the windows still they mock
Can you hear it?

She's coming home quietly
Locks the door against her doubt
Tears are running, she cries out:
"Can you hear me?"

She's coming home quietly
Puts the pills into her glass
Shouts: "Hey monk, I've won at last
Can you hear me? Can you see?"

The monk says:
We all assemble here
To mourn for my little dear
She was my hope, she was my life, she was my pride
In memory of her
Let's stand up and say a prayer:
In God we trust, He's allways on our side

She's coming home