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The Day Mickey Mouse Died

It all began the day Mickey Mouse died
It was a cold frosty morning, after a hot bloody night
I was followed by a rat who was followed by a cat
While I was heading my way home to my upper glass flat
The scene was slowly changing and became a bit bizarre
Somebody shouted at me from a bypassing car:
"Hurry on or you'll be late!"- Did not know what to say

All the flags were hanging low, cause the hero had died
All the rats were dressed in black, what a fascinating sight  
I was arrested by a cop in a comic-book shop
And that was not the worst because it saved me from the angry mob
I was brought to court with a plastic starship
Steven Spielberg was the judge starting with a Freudian slip
I said: "Innocent, your honour! Oh, please let me go!"

Wham! Boom! Bang!
It's gotta be all right
It's gotta be all right
Smash! Zoom! Crash!
Leave the light on in the hall,
don't wanna join the monster' ball
Who's gonna be all right?

And I was standing there with the hangman by my side
I did not know what went wrong, I did not know what was right 
I did not kill that beast, haven't read any piece 
"And that was just your fault!" said the hangman with a cheese
A priest with Jackos nose proposed the last toast to me
As the hangman did hang me the last thing that I did see
Was a smiling fat cat. Don't you let her go. oh no!

Wham! Boom! Bang!...