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The End Of History

Don’t you say we have to start again
Just like in 1945
To build from scratch we haven’t got the men 
That’s the downside of my life

And we are left alone with everything
Don’t know where to begin
It’s just not only about coloring
It’s the evil it’s the sin   
1945 forever
1968 as hint
That bloody century will never
work as a unremarked blueprint        

Don’t you…. No!
Don’t you…. No!
Don’t you …lie to me

One thing I know
You’re wrong
The one thing I’ll show
Is writing the book from the very first page

One thing I know
We’re strong
The one thing I’ll go
for filling the pages for every ages 

A guy declared the end of history
It was in 1989
The ruling clowns today a mystery
The hollow phrases, so devine 
A Ghandi tries to cross the borderline
But was rejected by the guards
The wish for peace and love on the decline
Deciders playing cards

1989 forever
The future seems to be the past
This failing century will never
Be source of hope with no recast  

Don’t you…. No!...