The Lie
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I do it, you do it
Even politicians without brains do it
We cheat someone  sometimes
May call it fake news call it lie

Helps this time, kills that time
Will turn this world into a mess the next time
May start as a mere trifle
Once in the world it starts to fly
Part of that Power which surely would
Do evil and constantly does good  
I am the spirit that negates,
And rightly so, for all that fades

Fools need it, Rules feed it
And all those shallow stupid minds bleed it
Flooding million TV-channels
Conceived in Orwell’s Ministry of truth

I see my discourse leaves you cold;
Dear kids, I do not take offense;
Recall: the Devil, he is old,
Grow old yourselves, and he'll make sense!

Twere better nothing would begin.
Thus everything that your terms, sin,
Destruction, evil represent—
That is my proper element.

Thanks to Johann Wolfgang for some help